About Us

The Recovery Village Indianapolis addresses alcohol and drug addiction, along with co-occurring mental health conditions. Our multidisciplinary, physician-led approach emphasizes evidence-based care to support individuals on the journey to recovery.

At Indianapolis’ leading comprehensive rehabilitation center for substance use disorders, exceptional care and cutting-edge equipment come together. The Recovery Village boasts effective treatment programs, supported by proven methods and tangible results, centrally located in the heart of Indianapolis.

The Recovery Village Indianapolis fosters a genuine sense of healing community, building connections with support networks and ongoing therapy for our patients. Through shared therapeutic experiences, many form lasting relationships with their peers on the journey to recovery from substance use disorders.

Our facility offers a serene environment conducive to healing away from the chaos of everyday life. With cozy accommodations and inviting treatment areas, our center allows you to focus entirely on your recovery journey with the unwavering support of our experienced staff.

Our Core Beliefs

At The Recovery Village Indianapolis, our team believes:

  • Patients deserve care that is both respectful and compassionate.

  • Addiction can be effectively treated using evidence-based care supported by research.

  • Addressing both the physical and mental aspects of addiction is essential.

  • Recovery is an ongoing journey that demands dedication and commitment.

Our Philosophy

The Recovery Village Indianapolis understands addiction is a chronic, relapsing disease. Our holistic approach to patient care involves treating the mental, physical and emotional symptoms of addiction while working to uncover the root causes that fed the disorder. We provide treatment at every level of the recovery spectrum, beginning with medical detox and continuing through aftercare, to ensure each patient gets a customized treatment plan that meets their needs and goals.

Located at just east of the I-465 on Brookville Road, The Recovery Village is conveniently positioned for both locals and individuals traveling from out of town or out of state. Our facility is just a short drive from Indianapolis International Airport, making treatment accessible to patients from across the United States.

Our location combines the comforts of the suburbs with the amenities of a bustling city. Marion County boasts beautiful parks and green spaces, providing serene environments for individuals overcoming substance use disorder.  With attractions such as the Indianapolis Zoo, White River State Park, and the Indianapolis Museum of Art, there are endless opportunities for year-round activities in the vibrant Indianapolis area.

Our Location

The Recovery Village Indianapolis Drug and Alcohol Rehab

8150 Brookville Rd, Indianapolis, IN 46239

(317) 754-7784

Our History

The Recovery Village Indianapolis opened in 2024 as part of Advanced Recovery Systems’ nationwide network of addiction treatment facilities. Established in 2013 by Dr. Mitchell Eisenberg and Dr. Lewis Gold, Advanced Recovery Systems is a trusted, physician-led behavioral healthcare company dedicated to providing evidence-based, expert care for addiction and mental health conditions.

We work with health care providers, organizations and individuals to connect those in need to life-saving addiction treatment and mental health support that repairs lives, families and the surrounding communities. 

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What To Expect

When you call our team, you will speak to a Recovery Advocate who will answer any questions and perform a pre-assessment to determine your eligibility for treatment. If eligible, we will create a treatment plan tailored to your specific needs. If The Recovery Village is not the right fit for you or your loved one, we will help refer you to a facility that is. All calls are 100% free and confidential.

All calls are 100% free and confidential.